Programming the PKE Transmitter
The PKE system is capable of using three different transmitters, each with its own distinctive Vehicle Access Code (VAC). The transmitter-programming mode is initiated by entering a specific button sequence on the Driver Information Center (DIC), located on the center console (Image A). Use the following steps to enter the programming mode:

1. Move the transmitters to be programmed 12 to 15 feet away from the car.
2. Turn the ignition to the Run position, engine off.
3. Push the Trip Odometer button once and release (Image B).
4. Push the Trip Odometer button again and hold for five seconds.
5. Within five seconds push and hold the Fuel Information button for 10 seconds, until the Passive Keyless Entry lamp illuminates constantly (Image C).
6. Turn the key to the locked position with the key remaining in the ignition. The Passive Keyless Entry lamp should flash once per second, signaling that the system is ready to program the first transmitter. The number of times the light flashes corresponds to the number of the transmitter you're programming—once per second for the first transmitter, twice per second for the second, and three times per second for the third.
7. Bring the transmitter to be programmed into range.
8. The Passive Keyless Entry light will come on and stay on, signaling that the code has been stored.
9. Move the transmitter out of range. The system light will flash again, demonstrating that the system is ready for the next transmitter.
10. The programming mode can be exited by removing the key from the ignition or by turning the ignition on.

A few things to note: Turning off the programming mode before you program any transmitters will not cancel any transmitters that previously have been programmed. Bringing more than one transmitter into range at a time will make it difficult for the system to search for individual codes. The programming mode will automatically shut off after two minutes if no transmitters have been programmed, or if the key is removed.

Enabling the Passive Unlock/Lock
The passive unlock/lock disable procedure allows you to turn off the passive function of the PKE system. To do this, perform the following steps:

1. First, a transmitter must be in range of the PKE receiver.
2. The key must not be in the ignition.
3. Push the door-lock switch for approximately five seconds (Image D).
4. The PKE module will lock and then unlock the doors to verify that the command has been sent.
5. When the passive feature has been disabled, the Passive Keyless Entry lamp will not illuminate when the key is first turned on (before the vehicle is started).

If the passive feature has been disabled, simply repeating the procedure above will enable it again. The Passive Keyless Entry lamp will then illuminate when the key is first turned on.