What Do You Think?
We've spent a lot of time building C3 Triple-Ex so it can handle a powerful engine, but deciding which engine to build for the car has proved a difficult task. Of course, we could always rebuild the 350 small-block that's in the car, and we also considered a big-block (who wouldn't want a big-block Stingray?), as well as a conversion to some kind of LS engine.

Then one day at lunch, the subject of LS conversions came up, and someone suggested the LS7 as a viable candidate. Editor Heath then countered with a challenge: "Can you build a traditional small-block of the same displacement (427 ci) that will out-power the LS7 on pump gas?"

Which option do you think we should exercise? We must admit that an LS conversion would be cool, but the challenge of topping the LS7 with a first-generation SBC might be even cooler. Log on to vetteweb.com or write us a letter and let us know what you think!