As stated in last month's "Going Retro" article, I recently picked up my first C5-a fully loaded '02 coupe. As any new-to-you used-Corvette owner knows, the good and the bad sometimes go hand in hand. As such, I'll spend this month covering repairs to the car's Dual Climate Control. A true thing of wonder and comfort, this was one of those upgrades I was glad to see featured on my Corvette. But mine, like many of its vintage, was showing its age, with burned-out lights and a dim (and sometimes non-functional) main display. The easy answer to these issues is to send it to Corvette Central for service-but what about the handy DIY'er? For you (and for the curious), we present this quick overview of the magic that goes into this sort of repair.

Corvette Central
P.O. Box 16
13550 Three Oaks Road
MI  49125
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