Last summer I went off the deep end and took the plunge into what was-for me, anyway-the next generation of Corvette, the C5. Up until now, I've been a little resistant to make the change. After all, I've always been about religiously touting the advantages of the previous two generations. But the price was right, and my will was weak, so my stable gained another high-horsepower ride.

Almost immediately, I began the search for upgrades for the yet-unnamed '02 coupe. Skipping past the obvious enhancements for the moment, I set my sights on this month's featured product: C5 Classic Corvette Engine Covers from Advanced Automotive Technologies.

These engine covers come officially licensed by General Motors and are a direct replacement for your C5 stockers. Modeled after what is, in my opinion, the best-looking valve cover ever to grace an American automobile, these heat-resistant ABS covers pay homage to the bygone days of fast cars and, well, faster cars.

Not counting the extra time it took to paint mine and add some Corvette Central bling, installation comes in at well under five minutes. Not handy with a spray gun? Advanced Automotive Technologies is more than happy to do the color chores for you. But painted or not, with emblems and without, these covers will add a flare to your engine bay that can't be beat.