ADDCO Manufacturing
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Brief Description
Addco Manufacturing produces only sway bars and respective hardware kits, but has the widest array of spring rates for every year Corvette. Every kit is entirely produced in our Linville, North Carolina, manufacturing facility. All sway-bar kits come with easy-to-follow instructions and all hardware necessary for the installation.

Trademark Features
Addco Manufacturing pioneered the process of cold-forming a pre-hardened bar stock. This process has produced the industry's highest-quality sway bars, with precise fit and durability. Solid bars are produced from proprietary high-carbon, hardened steel, while tubular bars are chrome-moly. Partnering with the nation's leading enthusiasts and engineers, our staff has produced a complete line of bars for all model-year Corvettes. Our fully automated, in-house powdercoating process ensures every part has a durable, high-luster finish. Every Addco sway bar comes with a lifetime warranty. Beyond our industry-leading product line, Addco is proud to have the industry's leading suppliers as OEM customers.

Quote From Company
"A great Corvette can be turned into an exceptional Corvette very easily with the right set of sway bars. A set of Addco sway bars is a very economical investment that will make a huge improvement on the track or on your local highway. Enjoy exploring the limits of your Corvette's potential; you'll love how it makes you feel!"

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