After removing the seats last month for a frame-up rebuild, it became obvious that our C5's carpet was also in need of restorative attention. Since we already had the interior apart to a point where the job would be much easier, we dialed up the knowledgeable folks at Corvette America and quickly had a complete replacement-carpet set on its way for installation.

The Corvette America set (PN 460490, $1,099) is the mass-backed-style "Tru-Vette" carpet used by the factory, so you can be assured that it is pre-cut to each model's floorpan shape, with added material at the edges to allow a perfect installation. A good pair of scissors and a sharp utility knife are all that is required.

It's important to note that the carpet set does not include the center, left, and right taillight-finish pieces; the originals must be reused. Fortunately for us, ours were in excellent shape (this is usually the case), and a good cleaning was all that was required.

While this job is not beyond the abilities of a skilled DIY-er, we decided to have the work performed by John Wilson, one of the experi-enced pros at Clearwater, Florida's Whisper Motorsports/Auto XTC. (Labor was a quite reasonable $450.) Follow along as he tackles the job of getting our Shoestring C5's carpeting back in factory-fresh shape.