As Corvette owners, we all want superior performance, a killer sound, and stunning good looks from an exhaust system. Fortunately for us, the aftermarket is brimming with systems that purport to offer precisely those characteristics. For the C6 Z06 crowd, the latest entry is Bassani's brand-new Aft-Cat setup, now available for all '06-'07 Zs.

"Bassani makes performance first for all of our systems," says company VP Rick Brooks. "With the Z06, we incorporate our Power-X crossover into the muffler and move it to the center tunnel. We also get that deep, musclecar sound that Vette owners love, and we do it without droning so loud inside the car."

According to Brooks, the new system is the product of over six months of development and research into the specific needs and desires of Z owners. As one would expect from a top-line product, the C6 Z06 Aft-Cat system uses 100 percent stainless-steel construction and boasts an uninterrupted, 3-inch flow path from the intermediate pipes all the way to the tips.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the C6 Z06 Aft-Cat system is that it replaces the factory dual-muffler configuration with a single, center-mounted unit. According to Bassani, the resulting performance increase and weight savings are superior to what one could expect from a dual-muffler aftermarket system. As for looks, each kit comes complete with application-specific quad tips crafted from polished stainless steel.

We asked Roger Vinci, of Vinci High Performance, in Orlando, Florida, to give us an overview of installing and testing the Bassani Aft-Cat on an '07 Z06. Vinci works closely with the exhaust manufacturer and was the first tuner in the country to get his hands on the new system. Follow along as we take a closer look at the install and subsequent dyno session.

Bassani C6 Z06 Exhaust System Specs
Weight 60 lbs.
Material Stainless steel
Applications All '06-'07 Z06 Corvettes
Estimated Labor Time 45 minutes
MSRP $1,197

Bassani Manufacturing
2900 E. La Jolla
CA  92806
Vinci High Performance
490 N St., Unit 112
FL  32750