Then, about five years ago, Jeff and Nancy decided that a classic sports car would be "great fun." Jeff was highly partial to '58-60 vintage Corvettes ("I was attracted to the quad headlight arrangement and two-tone cove design"). Nancy found mid-year roadsters most appealing-and both of them were enraptured with the '65-66 style big-block hood ("There's just something menacing and sexy about it," says Jeff).

Ultimately, they found their dream car, while web surfing, at a used Corvette dealer in Ohio. It was already restored (by D & A Restoration in Illinois) to "2-plus condition," Tuxedo Black with Saddle leather inside, and the requisite big-block, a numbers-matching 396 Turbo-Jet, factory-rated at 425 horsepower. It was also equipped with a four-speed gearbox, 3.70:1 Posi rearend, F40 suspension, power assist for the disc brakes, side mount exhaust, repop knock-off wheels, and an auxiliary hardtop. The tan interior was enhanced with the optional teakwood steering wheel and factory AM/FM radio.

Even though the car was pretty well restored, there were still a few minor problems that Jeff and Nancy had to track down and overcome before they could reliably use and enjoy the Tuxedo Black beast on the highways and byways of southern Arizona.

And now? Jeff says, "The best way to describe how this car drives and handles is that it's a RUSH!!! Those factory side pipes are the nastiest thing I've ever heard, it sounds so healthy. It's awesome at any speed! This car is a ticket waiting to happen. I'm quite surprised at the comfort of the car. Even with the F40 suspension, the ride is quite smooth except over the roughest of roads. I have a Corvette, which I had wanted for a long time. I knew I would be happy with almost any year Corvette. It's the mystique of the cars that drew me to wanting to own a Corvette."