Just Dropping In

Jasper Engines & Transmissions manufactures its new Chevrolet 350/330hp long-block with performance and dependability in mind. Features include new Vortec-style head castings; three-angle valve and seat machining; precision crankshaft machining, oil chamfering, and polishing; torque-plate honing; a one-piece rear seal; and live run testing. Each long-block is backed by Jasper's three-year/100,000-mile nationwide parts-and-labor warranty, as well as a technical hotline with 24-hour emergency information.

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Crank on It

Odyssey Extreme Series 12V automotive batteries promise enormous cranking power and intense, deep-cycle reserve power, too. Their secret is 99.99-percent-pure virgin-lead flat plates, which are thinner than conventional lead-alloy plates and allow for a denser matrix within the battery case. According to the manufacturer, Extreme Series batteries deliver up to 2,250 amps of cranking power for five seconds (850 cold cranking amps), last from 3-10 years, and can go a full two years between charges while in storage. Choose from all popular BCI group numbers.

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The Heat is On

Trick Flow's Track Heat and Track Heat Pro 750- and 850-cfm carburetors are designed with dedicated bracket racers in mind. Features include a billet-aluminum baseplate; a high-flow main body with downleg boosters and a blended venturi area; CNC-machined billet metering blocks with four-stage emulsion bleeds; and screw-in idle-air bleeds, high-speed air bleeds, and accelerator-pump discharge nozzles. Additional links to tune the secondary opening rate are also included.

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Let's Go to the Swap

BRP Hot Rods' LS swap kits include everything you need to drop an LS-series engine and late-model transmission into your '63-'82 Corvette. Each package includes powdercoated engine mounts, a transmission-crossmember bracket, polyurethane bushings, a transmission mount, and hardware. Headers and oil-pan swap kits are also available.

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You're off of Restriction

Hedman Hedders' direct-replacement headers for C4 Corvettes maximize exhaust flow and maintain the factory catalytic-converter locations. Choose from Standard Duty or Ultra-Duty Elite Series, the latter featuring bulletproof 3⁄8-inch flanges and thicker-walled 14-gauge primaries. Both versions come with 15⁄8-inch (diameter) mandrel-bent primaries and 3-inch ball-and-socket–style collectors. Weld-on header reducers, meanwhile, allow the collectors to easily bolt up to the factory exhaust and create a durable, gasket-free seal. Mounting hardware, instructions, and an E.O. sticker for your engine compartment are all included.

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Give Me Five

Vision Wheel's stylish Legend 5-142 wheel features one-piece, cast-aluminum construction and a classic five-spoke design. Choose from gunmetal or chrome finishes (both have machined lip accents), 17- to 22-inch diameters, and popular offsets and backspacing.

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