Right-Fit Retrofit
Stoker’s Hot Rod Factory’s new Adjustable LS Engine Adapters are the easy way to retrofit an LS-style engine to your ’53-’91 Corvette. They feature a full 6 inches of adjustability, which eliminates the guesswork surrounding bracket offsets and engine-mount repositioning. The adapters are compatible with both GM rubber and aftermarket polyurethane motor mounts.
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Genius on Board
Genius’ new full-HD DVR-FHD590 vehicle recorder captures all the action in front of your Corvette as you drive. The recorder mounts to the inside of your windshield and takes stutter-free video at 30 frames per second (fps). Features include a wide-angle lens, capable of capturing a full 128 degrees without distortion; a built-in “g” sensor that senses any crash event and protects the recorded files as evidence; and HDR technology that produces crisp, clear video in virtually any situation. The recorder uses micro SDHC cards of up to 32GB, for hours of recording time.
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Frame Changer
Jim Meyer Racing’s new ’53-’62 replacement chassis can help transform your classic C1 Corvette into a hot-handling supercar. This revolutionary chassis is built on a custom, 2x4-inch, box-tube frame with front- and rear-adjustable stance; double tubular X-members; and stock-location core support, body mounts, and bumper-bracket mounts. It also includes your choice of engine and transmission mounts; an inboard, four-link, through-frame crossmember; and much, much more. (The example shown here includes optional equipment, sold separately.)
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March Performance’s new Carbon Spider Fuelie air cleaner features a dual-stack design that aims to give your Corvette’s engine bay the coolest look around. Machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum, it features a countersunk design to clear ’53-’82 Corvette hoods, along with handcrafted aluminum meshing, carbon-fiber air-cleaner supports, and a lifetime S&B reusable filter. It’s available in clear powdercoat, chrome, black, and black onyx.
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Barrier Brief
Armor All Custom Shield Coating protects your Corvette’s paint and body from the elements. Simply spray Custom Shield wherever your vehicle is prone to nicks and scratches, then watch it get to work as a protective barrier. It lasts up to three months and easily peels off without causing damage to the finish. It’s available in black, white, and clear.
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Renegade Rebellion
Eddie Motorsports’ Renegade intake manifold for ’82 and ’84 Corvettes is the only direct-replacement performance intake designed exclusively for GM’s dual-throttle- body Crossfire Injection engines. Constructed from two-piece aluminum, it features an advanced-runner profile design, increased plenum area, and flow enhancements for improved power, torque, and gas mileage. The company’s initial tests on a modified 383 engine showed 30rwhp gains over the stock Crossfire intake. Choose from natural cast, bright polished, or a variety of Fusion-coated colors.
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