If you’ve ever wanted to upgrade the wheels and tires on your late-model Corvette, you’re well aware that a lack of options is not a problem. Indeed, the aftermarket is chock-full of choices, with manufacturers offering everything from low-buck replica rims to high-dollar custom units and everything in between. But regardless of your specific performance, aesthetic, and budgetary requirements, finding the right supplier is key to ensuring a successful upgrade.

For our latest wheel project, we teamed up with the pros at Modulare Forged, who were kind enough to walk us through the process of constructing a set of their three-piece wheels. Modulare Forged has been building high-end multi-piece and monoblock (one-piece) rims for nearly 10 years, and in that time the company has established a enviable reputation based on its use of quality materials, interesting designs, and customizable finishes.

Best of all, Modulare designs, builds, finishes, and ships from right here in the United States, and each of its wheels is backed by a two-year limited warranty. More than 30 different designs are available, in diameters ranging from 18 to 24 inches and in a variety of widths to fit almost any chassis. All of the centers are machined and finished to the customer’s specifications, so they’ll fit on almost any Corvette ever built. Just pick a style, send in your specs, and you’ll be up and rolling again in no time.

We had a couple of specific requests on our C5 Z06, and Modulare was happy to accommodate. First off, we needed a wheel that would clear the C6 Z06 brake kit we installed in our last issue. The big, six-piston brakes mandated rims with increased spoke clearance and a larger diameter—a common requirement when upgrading Corvettes in this manner.

Second, we needed a staggered (19-/20-inch) set of wheels compatible with tires that would maintain the C5-specific 0.5-inch tire-height stagger. This would keep the ABS, Competitive Driving, and traction-control systems happy without throwing any trouble codes or putting the Z into “limp home” mode.

We were also looking for a classic design that was both aggressive and modern, to give our Z a timeless look without overpowering the other design elements we’ve come to know and love on the almost-10-year-old body. And finally, we wanted a true three-piece wheel that was built with race-inspired technology for the street, without any compromises.

Follow along now to see how Modulare does it, and then check out the company’s website to find a set that fits your requirements.