“People who really know and like Corvettes are just blown away by it,” he says, while adding that their reaction is especially keen when they see the original markings on the car from St. Louis Assembly, and when they spy other telltale signs demonstrating how The General built Corvettes way back when.

What’s it like to drive? “This one’s a lot of fun,” says Rudnick. “Because there’s no smog equipment on it or catalytic converters, it still has the higher compression, and it’s still a fun ride.”

If Rudnick had the chance to go back in time and get another ’70 Corvette, would it look anything like this one? Possibly. It would still be painted Mulsanne Blue at St. Louis—but there’d be one big change underneath that acrylic lacquer.

“My ultimate would be for it to be an LT-1. A ’70 Mulsanne Blue LT-1 coupe.” Rudnick says it would be easy to tell apart from this ZQ3-powered C3—by the distinctively-striped LT1 hood, “and its awesome power difference,” he adds.

Maybe you’re one who’d like to find a low-mileage original Corvette of any vintage. If you are, Rudnick has this advice: “Keep looking! They’re few and far between, but for people who like original, unrestored cars, they’re in a class by themselves.”

Spec Sheet: '70 C3 Coupe
OwnerMark Rudnick; Lawrenceville, New Jersey
BlockRPO ZQ3 casting iron (Casting #3970010)
Displacement350 ci
Compression Ratio10.25:1
HeadsStock cast iron
ValvesStock 1.94/1.50
Rocker ArmsStock
Intake ManifoldStock cast iron
CarburetorStock Rochester Quadrajet, model 4MV
Fuel PumpStock mechanical
IgnitionStock delco points-style
Exhaust SystemStock dual (with one replacement muffler)
TransmissionStock RPO M40 Turbo-400 three-speed automatic
Torque ConvertorStock
RearendStock with Positraction and 3.08:1 gears
BrakesStock four-wheel discs with 11 3/4-in rotors (non-power-assisted)
WheelsStock Rallyes with chrome trim rings and "tall" center caps 15x8-in (front and rear)
TiresGoodyear Speedway bias-ply F70-15 with white letters (front and rear)
Fuel Octane93
Shipping Weight3,153 lbs
Current MileageAbout 15,400
Miles Driven Weekly"Not many"
Current MileageAbout 20,000