Corvette Pace Car Facts and Figures (1978-1998)
1978 1995
Event 62nd Annual Indianapolis 500 Event 79th Annual Indianapolis 500
Date May 28, 1978 Date May 28, 1995
Pace Car Driver 1960 Indy 500 winner Jim Rathmann Pace Car Driver Actor James Garner
Pace Cars Produced 4 (estimated) Pace Cars Produced 4
Track/Festival Cars Produced Unknown (Camaros and other Chevrolet vehicles filled in where needed) Track/Festival Cars Produced 87
Replica Pace Cars Produced 6,502 Replica Pace Cars Produced 527 (This was the only year the pace-car replicas all had exactly the same options)
1986 1998
Event 70th Annual Indianapolis 500 Event 82nd Annual Indianapolis 500
Date May 31, 1986 (originally scheduled for May 25, 1986, but rained out) Date May 24, 1998
Pace Car Driver Retired USAF general and test pilot Chuck Yeager Pace Car Driver 1963 Indy 500 winner Parnelli Jones
Pace Cars Produced Unknown Pace Cars Produced 5
Track/Festival Cars Produced 30-plus (Not all of these were yellow like the pace cars; other colors were used, with pace-car graphics applied) Track/Festival Cars Produced 105
Replica Pace Cars Produced 7,315 Replica Pace Cars Produced 1,163