Car '06 Coupe
Owner R.C. Cox
Block World Products Warhawk LS7X aluminum, bored to 4.125 in
Displacement 440 ci
Compression Ratio 9:2:1
Heads West Coast Cylinder Heads All Pro LSW Race
Valves Trick Flow stainless, 2.20/1.625
Camshaft Late Model Racecraft (LMR) custom hydraulic roller
(0.621/0.617-in lift, 235/231-deg duration, 115-deg LSA)
Rocker Arms Jesel Pro J2k Series Shaft, 1.8 ratio
Pistons Wiseco custom forged aluminum
Crankshaft Callies Magnum 4343 steel, 4.100-in stroke
Rods Callies Compstar H-beam, 6.098-in length
Intake Manifold FAST LSXR, 102mm
Throttle Body 102mm Nick Williams
Fuel Injectors FAST 95-lb/hr
Fuel Pump Custom LMR Magnafuel 750, Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
Ignition GM distributorless, MSD 8.5mm Superconductor wires,
NGK TR-6 plugs
Engine Management Stock PCM with LMR programming
Power Adder APS twin-turbo system, Garrett GT35R turbos, custom
single intercooler, AMS 500 boost controller
Exhaust System APS manifolds, LMR custom 3-in pipes with X
crossover, B&B Fusion stainless after-cat exhaust