Car '09 C6 ZR1
Owner Andrew Alepa
Driver Andrew Alepa
Block LS9 aluminum
Displacement 378 ci
Compression Ratio 9:1
Heads Stock LS9
Valves Stock LS9 titanium, 2.16/1.59
Camshaft GM LS9 (0.555/0.555-in lift,211/230-deg duration, 122.5-deg LSA)
Rocker Arms Stock 1.7
Pistons Stock forged aluminum
Crankshaft GM LS9 forged steel, 3.622-in stroke
Rods GM LS9 H-beam, 6.098-in length
Intake Manifold LS9
Throttle Body 90mm GM LS9
Fuel Injectors GM LS9 48-lb/hr
Fuel Pump Stock
Ignition GM coil-on-plug, stock plug wires, NGK TR-6 plugs
Engine Management Stock PCM with LMR programming
Power Adder GM R2300 supercharger
Exhaust System 17/8-in American Racing Headers
long-tube headers, stock 3-in pipes with dual-mode mufflers
Transmission GM TR6060 six-speed manual
Clutch Stock dual 260mm
Driveshaft Stock
Front Suspension Stock
Rear Suspension Stock
Rearend Stock with 3.42 gears
Front Brakes Stock with cross-drilled rotors
Rear Brakes Stock with cross-drilled rotors
Wheels Stock
Front Tires Michelin Pilot Sport 2, 285/35ZR19
Rear Tires Michelin Pilot Sport 2, 335/25ZR20
Current Mileage Approx. 1,000
Amount Driven A few times a week
Best E.T./MPH 12.273 at 126.02

As the owner of Advanced Racing Dynamics (ARD) in Houston, Owen Priest brought an impressive résumé, including having built some of the fastest street cars in the area. For our purposes, Priest brought his personal '05 Le Mans Blue C6, which had been transformed into a Z06 replica with a few major deviations.