Before Brandt could safely mash the go-pedal, the remainder of the drivetrain needed bulletproofing. According to MCP Competition Engines' Mike Tiedemann, who upgraded both the factory six-speed trans and the rearend, "The T56 received a billet front plate, G-Force gears, solid Three-Four and Five-Six synchro assemblies, bronze shift-fork pads, heavy-duty synchro springs, and micro-polishing. The IRS was treated to 3.42 rear gears with micro-polishing, a Posi heavy-duty clutch pack, and hardened output shafts." In addition, Brandt installed a Spec dual-disc clutch and a Quick Time Performance bellhousing on one side of the T56, and a custom driveshaft on the other.

After all these major mods, you might be shocked to hear that the suspension and brakes remain stock, except for a set of Pfadt adjustable coilovers which was installed to accommodate the extra weight of the iron block. "The Z06 has great brakes, even for 1,000 hp," Brandt explains.

It's only been a few months since this two-year project was completed, so Brandt hasn't had a chance to get his Corvette to a track and lay down some awe-inspiring quarter-mile times. Until then, the question of whether his Z06 really is America's Fastest Sports Car will have to remain unanswered. For now, we'll end Brandt's story with a metaphor he uses to describe his Vette's crushing power delivery. "Once you push the gas pedal down hard, watch out. This Corvette will rearrange your organs as it slams you hard into the seat." You gotta love it!

Car 2007 Z06
Owner Adam Brandt
Block LSX iron
Displacement 427 ci
Compression Ratio 9.3:1
Heads ET Performance ported LS7
Valves Ferrea 2.20/1.60(Inconel exhaust)
Camshaft IPS/Compcustom hydraulic roller
(243/243-deg duration, 0.654/0.654-in lift, 115-deg LSA)
Rocker Arms Harland Sharpmodified LS7
Pistons Diamond forged
Crankshaft Callies forged
Rods Callies forged
Intake Manifold Ported LS7
Throttle Body Ported LS3
Fuel Injectors Delphi 96-lb/hr