Surprisingly, Lovell's favorite feature on this virile Vette is not its towering power, but its passionate sound. "The intense reverberation of the engine when the throttle activates the Six-Shooter's secondaries is awe-inspiring. It sounds like the carburetors are going to suck the hood in and expel it violently out the side pipes," he says.

Gonzalez, however, hasn't had many opportunities to enjoy his Vette yet. "He wants to find some time off just for him and the car, but until then, I'll just have to tell him how much fun it is to drive," Lovell says.

So are 572 cubic inches enough for this milestone-generation Corvette?

"There's no replacement for displacement," Lovell laughs. "Five hundred seventy-two cubes are just right . . . for now. As soon as GM comes out with a 632-cube big-block, you'll have to ask me the question again."

Car '66 coupe
Owner Leroy Gonzalez
Block GMPP BBC tall-deck iron
Displacement 572 ci
Compression Ratio 9.6:1
Heads Rectangular-port aluminum, 112cc
Valves Manley steel, 2.25/1.88-in
Camshaft GM hydraulic roller;
0.254/0.264-deg duration,
0.632/0.632-in lift
Rocker Arms GM aluminum roller, 1.7:1-ratio
Pistons GM forged aluminum
Crankshaft GM forged steel
Connecting Rods GM forged steel
Intake Manifold Barry Grant Double-D
Induction 3x2
Carburetor Barry Grant Six-Shooter
Fuel Pump Edelbrock high-volume
Ignition MSD 6AL
Exhaust System Stainless Works
headers (modified) with 2-in primaries
and 3-in collectors; 3-in SW stainless-steel
pipes and mufflers
Transmission Keisler TKO five-speed
Clutch Keisler/Sachs
Driveshaft Keisler
Front Suspension Stock with VB&P
composite transverse leaf conversion
Rear Suspension VB&P offset control arms
with narrowed composite leaf
Rearend Stock, 3.55 gears
Front Brakes '07 Z06
Rear Brakes '07 Z06
Wheels ZR1 chrome replica, 18x8.5-in
Front Tires Michelin Pilot Sport 255/40ZR18
Rear Tires Michelin Pilot Sport 255/40ZR18
Fuel Octane 93
Weight Unknown
Best E.T./MPH N/A
Best 60-ft. Time N/A
Miles Driven Weekly Approx. 10