As already noted, Cook had also personally installed a number of interior enhancements, such as custom LED lights, painted instrument bezels and center console, and a Hurst short-shifter that falls right at hand. Other gleaming touches include chromed doorsill inserts with Z06 logos and various polished parts under the hood. Cook seems to have a thing for shiny objects, since he also added custom-made HID reverse lights and driving lights, along with LED taillights.

Once everything came together, it really brightened Cook's day, Woodruff recalls. "The moment I pulled it out of our shop, the expression on his face was priceless," he says. "He looked like a teenager all over again, with a smile he still gets every time he starts up and drives his baby. That's when you know all the hard work and time spent with your customer is well worth the effort."

Cook says his enhanced C6 quickly draws a crowd when he rolls into town, "like bees to honey." Some of those buzzing around are Z06 owners who can't believe it's not a factory package. "I just tell them it's one of three," he says with a mischievous grin. "And I don't know where the other two are."

If somebody out there in readerland does, you know where to find us.