In the case of our C3 project, we've considered several names, including the "Recession Special," due to the humble beginnings of the car. We have a feeling, however, that our budget Corvette will soon be anything but, as we modify the suspension, brakes, and drivetrain for maximum performance. With that in mind, we're considering naming the Stingray "C3 Triple Ex." No, we didn't come up with this name because it took three ex-wives to find a girl great enough to let us build it, nor for the somewhat pornographic connotation. Rather, the trio of Exes would stand for "Extreme handling, Extreme braking, and Extreme acceleration."

That being said, we'd like your input as to how we should build this project, and what we should name it. Please email us at and share your thoughts, your experiences building your own C3, and your suggestions for a suitable project moniker. And be sure to put "C3 project" in the subject line so we can distinguish your email from the thousands (OK, dozens) of others we receive daily.

We value our readers' opinions, so please share your thoughts on how we should build and name this C3.