Even with an original body and functioning lights, this Vette rarely cruises public streets. After all, spool rears and high-stall torque converters don't make for a pleasant commute. "The car is street legal but way too hairy to drive on surfaces not prepared for racing," Kreeb tells us. Still, he will admit to occasionally zip-tying a license plate to the 'chute and taking the car out for a spin.

This '56 is something of a sacrifice, a Corvette that is raced so that four others can go on living unmolested. It's more than just a well-built and highly effective drag car, inasmuch as its noteworthy performance doesn't interfere with the beauty of its original design. No fiberglass-bodied "silhouette car" can match the arresting looks of this resto-racer. Mike Kreeb's C1 has been a labor of love, and a testament to his passion for classic Corvettes.

Spec Sheet
Car'56 C1 Dragster
OwnersMike Kreeb
BlockBrodix aluminum
Displacement582 ci
Compression Ratio15:1
HeadsPorted and flowed Dart Big Chief Pro Series
ValvesTitanium 2.40/1.90
CamshaftCrane roller
Rocker ArmsT&D shaft-type
PistonsJE forged
CrankshaftCallies Pro
RodsCallies Compstar
Intake ManifoldCNC-ported Dart Pro Series
CarburetorRace-prepped Holley 1250-cfm 4-barrel
Fuel PumpBarry Grant BG 400
Ignition MSD 7AL3 magnetic pickup
Power AdderN/A
Exhaust SystemCustom headers with 2 3/8-in primary tubes
TransmissionCustom Powerglide with J&W 6,500-rpm
stall converter
Driveshaft Custom aluminum
Front Suspension Custom strut-type
Rear Suspension Custom 4-link
Rear End 4.56 Dana spool
Front Brakes Wilwood discs
Rear Brakes Wilwood discs
Wheels Weld Pro Star
Front Tires Mickey Thompson Front Runners
Rear Tires 32.5x17-in Hoosier slicks
Fuel Octane Race fuel only
Weight Unknown
Best ET/MPH 8.11 sec at 167 mph
Current Mileage N/A
Miles Driven Weekly Race only