The two front seats were removed to install the Brey-Krause C6 Harness Bar and G-Force belts. The stock belts remain operational.

Here, Roman is completing installation of MTI Racing's Six-Shooter quick shifter.

The factory springs were removed and replaced with Eibach coilovers and Penske shocks. MTI Racing's 35mm front and 25mm rear anti-roll bars help minimize corner roll.

The Z06 tends to get light in the front when it nears its top speed. To remedy this, Reese and Roman added MTI Racing's wind-tunnel and track-tested aero package. Here, Reese is installing the carbon-fiber rear wing.

The last stage of the modification process involved adding Corsa's excellent three-inch exhaust system. With the system in place, the car sounded very healthy without becoming obnoxious.

Dream Car Garage VP of Marketing Adrian Chadwick lends a hand cleaning the Z06 as the project nears completion.

The final step of the project involved putting the Z06 back on the chassis dyno. Earlier baseline testing had produced 425 hp and 400 lb-ft with the hood open and 409.4/389.10 with the hood closed. The final, post-modification pulls produced a whopping 489/470 regardless of hood position.

How would you like to drive your 500-plus-horse Z06 in this weather? Notice the snowflakes streaking down.