With all of the ducting attached to the turbos, the install at the rear of the vehicle is complete. While not readily visible from outside of the car, the twin turbochargers are truly a sight to behold if you take a peek beneath. One other advantage of the rear-mounted turbo setup is that the weight of the turbos is at the back of the car, meaning the Z06's near-perfect weight balance is not compromised. Note how the exhaust tips closely mimic the size and placement of the stock units, adding to the stealth factor and resulting in a truly clean install.

A close-up of one of the twin TiAL wastegates better shows how these units bypass the turbo and shoot exhaust straight out the back (through the outward-mounted tips). Though theoretically a single wastegate that spans the two exhaust pipes could be used, the decision was made to run duals to help eliminate any possibility of boost creep. Boost for this system is set to a conservative 5.5-6 psi, which is probably the safe limit for an internally stock LS7.

Don't be thrown by the fact that there are no mufflers back here-the turbos cut sound levels to near stock at part throttle. They do, however, add a distinctive, high-pitch turbo hiss that comes right out of the tailpipe. If you're curious as to where the air filters are located, they're up inside the rear fascia where it's cool and dry. From the turbo outlets, compressed-air tubing runs up into the rear fenders and over the rear wheels, so it isn't visible from underneath the car.

Up under the front of the car, the intake tubing carrying compressed air from the turbo runs safely over the rear wheels and inside the rocker panels (below the doors), finally emerging just aft of the front wheels. The pipes then run along the bottom of the front subframe and enter the intercooler mounted just ahead of the radiator and A/C condenser.

Worried about losing a Z06 Vette's already-sparse ground clearance? Fret not, for as you can see, the intake pipes are located up high to give plenty of space beneath. In fact, they don't sit any lower than anything on a stock vehicle. Plus, you can see that they are bolted securely to the frame. In the center-front of the subframe is mounted the STS electric oil pump. The pump is part of a patented system that scavenges the oil as it leaves the turbos and returns it to the engine, cooling it along the way.