The interior is almost completely original, except for the front portion of carpeting, which was replaced at some point in the car's 30-plus years of existence. The original diamond-tufted vinyl is still in place on the seats, center console, doors, and T-top. "All it needed was a good cleaning," says Hayes. "It has held up remarkably well."

Relatively little is known about the big-block's innards. Hayes has understandably been reluctant to tear into the still-strong 454 just to satisfy his-and more than a few others'-curiosity. What he does know is that the block and transmission are correct and that their numbers match the body.

Prior to being handed over to Motion, the car was an original 454/4-speed. It now wears a pair of 427 cylinder heads that are believed to have been installed by the tuner, but the mods performed to these remain a mystery. They are capped by Motion's signature finned aluminum valve covers. The valvetrain is mostly unknown, but Hayes tells us there are roller rockers and a roller cam in place. The camshaft's specs, as you might expect, are also unknown. The aluminum GM manifold wears a single Holley 750 and a "Fly Eye" Motion air cleaner. The ignition remains stock, while Hooker headers and side pipes are in charge of exhaust duties. During the restoration, Jimmy Voyles pulled the engine to detail and tune to perfection.

Oddly for a Motion car, this vehicle was never originally named by Rosen. After the car was complete, it became clear that a snappier handle than "1972 Motion Conversion Corvette" was needed. So, sticking close to his prior oceangoing themes of Maco, Manta, and Stinger, Rosen settled upon Moray GT.

In the past few months since the car has been completed, Hayes has made perhaps half a dozen half-hearted dragstrip passes, most of them in the low 13s at over 100 mph. His insurance underwriter understandably frowns on normal street usage, so most of the Moray's jaunts are limited to parades, shows, and Motion Supercar reunions.

Hayes was initially caught off guard by the uproar caused by the car. "It is amazing to me how a car like this will take you from being a nobody to having people calling you from all around the world. This car makes me feel like a celebrity." Enjoy the notoriety, Dan, as this car is bound to get you noticed for a long time to come.

Car: '72 Motion Moray GT
Owner: Dan Hayes
Block: stock Chevrolet
Displacement: 454ci
Compression Ratio: estimated 8.5:1
Heads: Chevrolet 427
Valves: unknown
Camshaft: unknown solid roller
Rocker Arms: unknown rollers
Pistons: stock
Crankshaft: stock
Rods: stock
Intake Manifold: stock
Carburetor: Holley 750
Fuel Pump: stock
Ignition: stock
Exhaust System: Hooker headers and side pipes
Transmission: stock M-21 four-speed
Clutch: stock
Driveshaft: stock
Front Suspension: stock
Rear Suspension: stock
Rear End: stock with 3.73 gears
Front Brakes: stock
Rear Brakes: stock
Wheels: American Turbine/Motion Performance, 15 x 7
Front Tires: Goodyear Eagle GTII, 225/70R-15
Rear Tires: Goodyear Eagle GTII, 225/70R-15
Fuel Octane: 93
Weight: N/A
Best ET/MPH: 13.0 at 100+
Best 60-ft. Time: N/A
Current Mileage: 60,000
Miles Driven Weekly: "as few as possible"