Many C5 owners opt for increased performance in their quest for the ultimate ride. There's an old hot-rod adage that goes something like this: "No matter how fast you are, there is always someone faster." Halphen has not fallen into that trap. "Everyone asks me why I haven't modified the car for more power. To me, the car is already as fast as I want it to be. When you punch the gas, it'll pass pretty much everything on the road. It is a Corvette, after all."

Oh, sure, there are a few bolt-ons that are de rigueur on any C5, such as the cold-air intake and the B&B Tri-Flo exhaust. "I had to change the exhaust because the car's stock exhaust note just didn't match its appearance." The rest of the drivetrain retains its factory-stock driveability and reliability. That's important when you like to drive as much as the Halphens. They manage to get out several times a week in their Corvette, attending shows and cruise-ins or just stepping out for a special night on the town.

And although Halphen tells us he's taken this car just about as far as he intends to, there are plans afoot for another C5 in the not-too-distant future. Will the new car be as elaborate as this one? Time will tell, but for now, the Halphens will continue looking for every bit of attention their C5 can get.