The car's best run of the day-a 10.93 at 128.46-fell a mite short of its previous benchmark of 10.8 at 132, but we suspect less-than-optimal weather conditions may have had a role in keeping both Z06s from hitting their accelerative bogeys. At any rate, high 10s are exceedingly stout for a naturally aspirated C5, particularly one that sees regular commuting duty on the streets of Richmond.

Although dragstrip blasting is its preferred mtier, the Z's Mallett pedigree means road-course proficiency is but a tire change and a shock adjustment away. By combining exotic-car speed and handling in an eminently livable package, this '01 edition may be the headiest distillation yet of the Z06 performance formula.

Spec Sheet
Car: ’01 Mallett Z06
Block: Stock aluminum, re-sleeved to 4.100-in. bore
Displacement: 436 cid
Compression Ratio: 11.2:1
Heads: Cartek Stage 4 LS6
Valves: 2.055/1.60-in.
Camshaft: Cartek proprietary grind
Rocker Arms: Stock
Pistons: JE forged aluminum
Crankshaft: Lunati forged, 4.125-in. stroke
Rods: Eagle 3D forged
Intake Manifold: LS6 composite, port-matched and reworked for larger throttle body
Throttle Body: Cartek, 1,200+ cfm
Fuel Injectors: Bosch 30-lb/hr, flowed and matched
Fuel Pump: Stock
Ignition: Stock
Engine Management: Stock ECU, reprogrammed by Cartek
Power Adder: NA
Exhaust System: 17¼8-in. Kooks long-tube headers; 3-in. custom exhaust with B&B PRT mufflers
Transmission: GM/Rockland six-speed with heavy-duty internals
Clutch: SPEC/Vette Doctors Stage III
Driveshaft: Stock with tunnel stiffener
Front Suspension: Mallett with Penske remote-reservoir adjustable shocks
Rear Suspension: Mallett with Penske remote-reservoir adjustable shocks
Rear End: Stock with heavy-duty internals, 4.10 ring-and-pinion gear
Front Brakes: Stock
Rear Brakes: Stock
Wheels (street): GM Grand Sport
Wheels (race): CCW
Tires (street): Sumitomo HTRZ, 275/40-17 (front); 315/35-17 (rear)
Tires (race): Mickey Thompson “skinnies” (front); 28x12.5x16-in. slicks (rear)
Fuel Octane: 93
Weight: Unknown
Best ET: 10.93 seconds (at test session)
Best Trap Speed: 128.46 mph (at test session)
Best 60-ft. Time: 1.66 seconds (at test session)
Current Mileage: 12,500