"Every year, there is a so-called 'nationals,' which all the Corvette Challenge guys go to. There is what's called the Pro 8, which is a heads-up race of the eight fastest Vettes there. That's what we're going for. The problem is that now, what are essentially race cars and dragsters are allowed into the class. These suckers can run in the 7s, whereas we're running a true street car. But it's no big deal because it's not like we're racing for any crazy amount of money. Everyone knows what's a street car and what's not. So if we have the fastest street car of the day there, that's really all that matters to us. We very often are able to do that."

Though there are a few changes to the current setup coming before long-most notably a swap to a trans-brake-equipped TH-400 transmission for increased tranny longevity-streetability will not be altered. To that end, Doug will swap to 3.15 gears to keep the revs down on the highway.

"Not losing streetability is big-time important to me. I take this car on all the Toys for Tots runs, I go on a lot of the Vette cruises, and I take it up to my ski house in upstate New York. It really sees a lot of road use on top of the track use. That's the most important thing I try to let people know: Yeah, I'm running some nice numbers, but this Corvette is still completely driveable. [It has] air conditioning, stereo, the whole nine yards. Making a race car fast is not anywhere near as hard as making a street car fast! But we've done it-and we can do it for anyone."

Spec Sheet
Car '99 convertible
Owner Douglas Ring
Block GM C5-R
Displacement 427 ci
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Heads Ported LQ9 aluminum
Valves Ferrea
Camshaft Comp custom grind
Rocker Arms Jesel shaft-mount
Pistons Diamond forged
Crankshaft Callies forged
Rods MGP aluminum
Intake Manifold FAST 90mm
Throttle Body Nick Williams 90mm
Fuel Pump ECS custom fuel system
Ignition Stock
Engine Management Stock with ECS tuning
Power Adder ECS Paxton Supercharger Kit
Maximum Boost 20 psi
Intercooler ECS custom single
Exhaust System 17¼8-inch Kooks headers, Stainless Works cat-back
Transmission GM 4L60, built by RPM Transmissions
Torque Converter Yank 3800
Driveshaft Custom ECS in stock torque tube
Front Suspension Stock with QA1 shocks
Rear Suspension Stock
Rear End Stock with 3.42 gears, hardened shafts
Front Brakes Stock
Rear Brakes Stock
Wheels C6 Z06 polished (street), CCW (race)
Front Tires Toyo Proxes 2 RA-1 (street), skinnies (race)
Rear Tires Toyo Proxes 2 RA-1 (street), Hoosier 28-inch slicks (race)
Fuel Octane 94 Sunoco
Weight 3,520 pounds
Best e.t./mph 9.62 seconds at 144 mph
Best 60-ft. time 1.42 seconds
Current Mileage 47,500
Miles Driven Weekly 50-75