The transmission was functional but needed a good going through, and the interior was a mix of "original and 2001 Taiwan." However, the Wonderbar radio was complete-sans a working clock. So a quick frame-on resto ensued, and after a very heavy detailing of the engine compartment and underside (which included several bolts, hangers, brackets, a clock rebuild, and several layers of paint), the '59 was out and rolling on the interstates a mere 16 months later. But the devil is in the details as far as the shows are concerned, and while Dean has a very nice-looking '59, it's "generally not correct and would not get a Top Flight." But who cares with a Corvette as nice-looking as this? Apparently not all judges, as Dean has come to experience.

Out of 10 shows, the '59 has walked away with eight firsts, two seconds, and two Best of Show awards. And just what does he do with it when he's not at shows? The answer is a simple one: "That's easy, I drive it," Dean answers emphatically. In all seasons, on all nice days (meaning dry with no salt or sand), you can find this roadster pulling up to the lights, gaining positive reactions from the crowds of onlookers, and fending off race challenges from the younger kids, "Occasionally the high school kids ask me if I want to race. Most of them don't realize the car is 45 years old," he says, but that doesn't bother Dean, who has been told by several people that he's driving their dream. But after waiting 40 years, even we'll agree, that this '59 is Dean's dream, and will be forever.