Since then, James had the Z06's red plastic fuel-rail covers custom-painted Millennium Yellow and boasting of the "whistles" down below. He has also returned to Xtreme to have the intake tubes stripped of their powdercoating "because the yellow didn't quite match the rest of the car; I knew this ahead of time but didn't have the foresight," says James. Xtreme also ground-down the original welds and repainted the tubes to match the rest of the car in show-winning fashion. "Xtreme has definitely done an awesome job on the install and has gone beyond what is necessary for an installer/integrator to take care of my Corvette and myself," he continues.

Yes, James is certainly enjoying his second childhood. He's involved in numerous events with his local club, Millennium Corvettes of Southern California, where he's now the Vice President and also one of the youngest members at age 33. Among the many events and shows he's attended, James has come home with awards from the San Diego Plastic Fantastic Car Show in both 2002 and 2003, at the California Classic in 2002 and a there in 2003, and at the 2003 Cruisin' for a Cure in Orange County, California. But first and foremost, this brutish-yet-civilized pavement masher is a daily driver! Yessir, James has definitely grown into his big boy's toy-a real set of hot wheels!

The Real World
When we met up with James and his Xtreme/TTI twin turbocharged '01 Z06, James was thrilled by the seat-of-the-pants performance from his Vette, but he had no hard and fast numbers on the power it was making. Since Team VETTE is always interested in new developments in the Corvette market, we were curious to see what kind of power his Xtreme Z06 was making. James was quite willing to drive the Z06 60 miles up to the Primedia Tech Center where it was strapped down to our in-ground Dynojet chassis dynamometer, and we then put its power to the test.

Xtreme Motorsports claims that their Stage 1 Twin-Turbo system is capable of producing 530 bhp and 575 btq, which are pretty substantial assertions. In three runs on our Dynojet, where we only went up to 5,500 rpm. We measured 459.36 rwhp and an impressive 509.66 rear-wheel lb-ft of torque. Assuming a 15-percent loss through the drivetrain, that calculates out to be 540-bhp and 599-btq at the flywheel from a very streetable LS6! We are duly impressed!