Though John is a member of NCRS, he prefers to simply cruise around and hit local car shows with the '62. And, it has brought home several trophies from such events. But the most important thing to John is the opportunity to share his passions with others. For instance, "Kris and I drove the Vette up to the Big Bear Bash last year, and while we were there, a lady came up to us and said her 84-year-old mom just loves Corvettes-but she had never in her life ridden in one. My wife took her mom and cruised around Big Bear for some time and she just had a wonderful time." John holds the same attitude towards his motorcycles, and he doesn't think twice about offering rides in the Sidehack.

This past year, John also indulged in a 100th Anniversary 2003 "Firefighters Special Edition" Road King with a sequential port injected twin cam 88 for comfortable and reliable cruising. He and Kris rode the Road King cross-country to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for Harley's official 100th Anniversary celebrations.

For John, his Harleys and vintage Vette bring him back to the days gone by of his boyhood. "Sometimes I wish I was back there," John reminisces. But we think he's having a whole lot more fun today. After all, John can rewind the clock each time he steps into the garage!