The NCM delivery allowed Tom a very special opportunity on September 9, 2000. "When I took delivery of this Corvette at the National Corvette Museum, it was displayed along with my 1963 Corvette Z06." For that one morning, Tom (and the entire world) got a preview of that ultimate pair of siblings, one that would then remain separated for the following year. But then, the '01 filled the gap in Tom's weekend toy category nicely in the split-window's absence.

For years, ever since the enormous market value of the '63 Z06 sank in for Tom, it has been reassigned mostly to show car status. It always has, and still gets, its share of autocrosses, gymkhanas, and the like. But while it is a wonderfully fun car, it has never been very comfortable to drive. The '01 Z06 is a lot more practical and comfortable. Thus it sees plenty of street use, giving Tom a welcome break from driving his Suburban. Tom has bragging rights to not only being the original owner of a flawless and unrestored '63 Z06, but also of having bought two other Z06s from Chevrolet. With perfect examples of both generations of Z06s, Tom Atchison's pair of Vettes truly give him a full house!