We've been intrigued for quite some time by the concept of a ('96) Grand Sport-influenced C5. Caravaggio has created what we'd fantasized about-an Admiral Blue with white stripe and dual red hash marks (painted, rather than vinyl tape as on the originals), and blacked-out wheels with a polished lip. Doing it to a Z06 makes just that much more cool. Then, he upped the ante by deciding to build 10 of these beasties as convertibles-Z06 (fixed roof coupe body) convertibles! There will also be 10 Z06 Grand Sport Targa coupes built. OEM '96 GS emblems are used, and the balance of the treatment is very similar to the Targa LM, except that the seats feature "Grand Sport" embroidery and all of the stitching is in red. The convertibles also get a pair of chromed individual hoop-type rollbars, one behind each seat. Again, induction and exhaust are massaged enough to boost the horsepower to the 420 mark on an '01 (Caravaggio promises a comparable increase on '02s).

All in all, these Corvettes are works of art that can be driven; exquisitely crafted automobiles, and highly complimentary to the factory offerings. I want a Z06 Grand Sport Targa...all I need to do is win the lottery.