Gift Shark

Who: Scott, Addie, Lou, Andy, Danny, Dillon, and Amanda Callahan
Where: Harborcreek, PA  What: ’78 C3

This is our ’78 L48 car. Our family acquired it in July 2012 as a generous and unexpected gift.

The car had been owned by my father, Mike Callahan, for several years and was in Florida, where he resides. In June 2012, he asked if our family wanted it, as he has arthritis, which makes it difficult for him to drive and maintain it. I replied that while we would certainly love to have the C3, we would need some time to gather the funds to buy it.

He immediately replied that he wanted nothing for the car, save for a promise that we would “take care of it, enjoy it, and keep it.” We agreed, and the Vette arrived here in Harborcreek soon after. As a family, we’ve had plenty of fun satisfying those three conditions ever since.

Thanks so much, Dad!

(Ex-) Astronaut Vette

Who: Jerry Mill
Where: Centennial, CO What: ’67 C2 convertible

I’m lucky enough to be the proud owner of this Sting Ray, which I purchased in 1967 from one of the Apollo astronauts, Richard F. Gordon. He had just received the car from Jim Rathmann Chevrolet in Melbourne, Florida, and driven it back to Houston. It only had about 3,500 miles when he sold it.

It came with the L68 400hp 427. Because keeping three carburetors in tune was a pain, I converted it to a single four-barrel, though I still have the original manifold and carbs.

While I thought it was unbelievably fast and powerful, it was likely nothing to someone who regularly piloted T-38s, and who was Command Module Pilot on Apollo 12 in November 1969. (He circled the moon while Pete Conrad and Alan Bean walked on it.)

I’m having the front suspension rebuilt, and I want to rebuild much of the rest of the car as well, including the engine (which still runs fine, but ain’t the “raw-meat-and-gunpowder” beast it was in its prime). The paint is not original and needs to be redone, but it still looks decent.

Whenever I drive the car, people wave and either want to buy it or ride in it. I am truly blessed!

Seven-Liter C6

Who: Richard Dempsey
Where: Middleton, WI What: ’13 C6 427 Convertible

For your consideration, here’s a picture of my ’13 427 Convertible. It’s triple black, with a Black Dog Racing World Challenge carbon-fiber hood and Forgeline concave wheels at each corner. Other than those upgrades, it’s just as it was built at Bowling Green.

I sold two Corvettes—an ’08 Z06 and an ’03 convertible—to get the best of both cars in the 427.


Who: Kevin Farrell
Where: Annapolis, MD What: ’92 C4 coupe

Here’s my ’92 LT1/automatic C4, which I bought as a retirement present to myself. The wheels and tires were updated with a set of polished-aluminum ZR-1–spec rims and Nitto NT05 rubber for performance, safety, and style.

Stainless Works supplied a complete exhaust system consisting of Jet-Hot–coated long-tube headers, an “X” crossover pipe, chambered mufflers, and a set of stock square tips.

All interior and exterior lights were upgraded to LEDs, and the fog lights were swapped for 5,000K HID units.

The Bright Red paint is as originally applied at the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant, and it’s kept fresh with car-care products from Griot’s Garage.

The upgrades I’ve applied make her an excellent cruiser for road trips with the Free State Corvette Club of Maryland.

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