Who: John and Peggy Seward 
Where: Schererville, IN/Ft. Myers Beach, FL 
What: 1998 C5 convertible

We purchased “Beaute” used in 2001, as a gift for my wife, Peggy. In 2004, we got carried away and started the modifications. We began showing the car in 2006, as the transformation progressed.

Modifications include a custom red hood, trunk, rear fascia, quarter panels, and functional rear-brake ducts; House of Kolor Black Mirror paint; SLP long-tube headers; chrome and Torch Red parts accenting the engine bay; a custom Kenny King black-and-red lambskin-leather interior; and five-spoke C6 chrome wheels on wide Kumho tires.

“Beaute” has won 70-plus Best of Class and Best of Show awards. Ironically, the car is so unique that Peggy no longer feels comfortable driving it!

Four Of A Kind

Who: Carl Shea
Where: Fort Rucker, AL
What: (from left) 2004 C5 Z06 Commemorative Edition, 1973 C3 coupe, 1967 C2 coupe, 2003 C5 Z06

My collection includes an 2004 Z06 Commemorative Edition with just over 14,000 miles that I just recently found on the local for-sale lot. Next to it is my 58,000-mile ’73 Stingray, of which I am the fourth owner.

Next to the ’73 is a ’67 Sting Ray coupe with 72,000 miles; I’m the car’s third owner. The original owner had the Chevrolet dealership he bought it from put the 427 hood on this 327-powered car, which is my favorite.

The final Vette is an ’03 Z06, which has just over 56,000 miles and is my daily driver.

I try to drive each Vette at least once a week.

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