Rhode Island Red

Who: Ralph Crockford Where: North Kingstown, RI What: 1965 C2 coupe

I always wanted a Corvette, and when my daughter, Tiffany, graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) back in the ’90s, my lovely wife suggested that I get one. With the aid of my brother-in-law, I purchased this beauty, and I’ve loved it since.

It’s a Rally Red coupe with a White interior, equipped with the optional L79 350hp 327 and a four-speed manual transmission.

Yellow Fever

Who: Jeff and Judi Pflughoeft Where: Clintonville, WI  What: 2006 Z06

Our Z06 has a Borla Stinger exhaust, a Fram cold-air kit, a DC Power alternator, a ZR1 chin splitter, and custom-painted side markers and rear spoiler. All the lights were replaced with LEDs, and the crossed-flag emblems on the front and back were removed. We’ve also added black rims, custom-painted Z06 emblems, black-tinted windows, and a lot more little tweaks.

We have a lot of fun taking it to car shows: Last year it won 13 trophies and one Best of Show. It is a real head turner that’s lots of fun, but very hard to keep under the speed limit!

We even named our English Bulldog, IzZ06, after the car. We call her IzZy for short, and she goes to most of the shows with us.

Two of a Kind

Who: Guy and Karen Miler Where: Snellville, GA What: 1970 C3 convertible, 2005 C6 coupe

Attached is a photo of my two Vettes, along with my wife, Karen. The C6 is all original, equipped with most of the convenience options offered that year.

The ’70 was original until I added aluminum Chevy Performance heads, ceramic-coated headers with a 2½-inch exhaust, a 770-cfm dual-flow carburetor, and a five-speed transmission. (I’ve kept all the original parts.) It also has the N40 Power Steering option, but otherwise it’s mostly a standard Vette. I drive it anywhere I choose, including Key West for New Year’s.

I love your product: I have both the print and digital subscriptions, and I view the digital issues on my iPad. Hope to see my Vettes one day in your magazine!

NCM-Delivered GS

Who: Mark Baker Where: Everett, WA What: 2013 Grand Sport convertible

I’ve been a Corvette fan for about 25 years. I owned an ’87 convertible that I had to sell in 2003 due to a military transfer. Since then I’ve had the fever for another, and I recently was able to purchase this ’13 GS convertible.

I ordered it with the 4LT package, a paddle-shift automatic, Dual Mode exhaust, Magnetic Selective Ride Control, a ZR1 rear spoiler, and National Corvette Museum delivery.

The color is the new-in-’13 Night Race Blue Metallic with the Dark Titanium interior. I love how the paint looks black, blue, and/or purple in different lighting conditions.

I picked up the car in September and drove it 2,500-plus miles back to Washington State in three days—with no speeding tickets!

The NCM delivery option is the way to go for anyone who can work it into their schedule. The folks at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant and the Museum really roll out the red carpet and make it an experience to remember.

I really love this car, and it has become my daily driver. Now I’m thinking about some little things to personalize the car even further.

Save the Wave!

Bucks County Beauty

Who: Jim Bauer Where: Doylestown, PA What: 2005 C6 convertible

This is my very first Corvette, an ’05 C6. I was looking toward retirement to make a purchase, but why wait?

I have to thank my brother for leading me to Corvettes. He owns a ’99, and he kept on bugging me to look into one—and to stay away from Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs (too costly for repairs). He also told me that I needed a six-speed.

I told the dealer—Import 1 Motorsport in Pipersville, Pennsylvania—what I wanted: red with a tan leather interior and a black or tan top. He told me to stop by the next week, because he had something coming in I’d like: this car. When it arrived, I had three days to think about it, but my poker face failed, and I was back the next day to purchase my first Corvette. It’s something I will never regret doing. Happy early retirement to me! (And yes, it’s a six-speed.)

Every time I get into my Corvette, start that engine, hear and feel the rumble, and put the top down, I get a big smile on my face. Life is good!

Salt & Pepper

Who: Dave and Donna Turner  Where: Maysville, GA What: 2006 C6 convertible, 1996 C4 coupe

This is my ’96 LT4/six-speed, along with my wife’s Arctic White ’04 convertible. I am a C4 person, and this one is my second; the other was a Polo Green ’95 coupe.

My wife, Donna, loves C5 convertibles, and this is her second one, after a Sebring Silver ’99.

Living in Georgia, we have plenty of good weather for cruising. We joined a great Corvette club, Lanier Corvettes Unlimited, last year, and we have a great time with club members at events and shows.

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