The mold process for all body panels ensures not only the highest quality but also allows KKC to accommodate nearly any request imaginable. These are all-new panels, custom-built for each car, not reworked stockers with style elements bonded in place. Only the roof panel and halo, rocker panels, mirrors, and fuel door are left as delivered.

Each of the replacement panels is hand crafted from fiberglass utilizing vinyl ester resin. This guarantees a long life and beautifully smooth surface finish. One-panel-at-a-time construction allows buyers to spec nearly any feature they can dream up. Want a third pair of taillights? Say the word.

While the skins are brand new, they are bonded to the factory C6 door frames. "The door skins are attached to the structures using modern epoxies and factory-equivalent fasteners, attached at factory locations," says Hidy. "All of the hinges, latches, and seals are OEM C6 components." This is good news, as it means no saggy doors, finicky mechanisms, or leakage issues.

Similarly, the hatch utilizes the OEM structure. KKC replaces the rear glass with a custom piece (or pieces, in the case of a '63 coupe) that are bonded to the new hatch skin and factory hatch structure. Again, this allows for the retention of GM's hinges, latch, and seals. The split-window structure is not the simple overlay that some might be expecting.

Karl Kustom's craftsmen have clearly put a tremendous amount of development into these body panels. The panels' finish quality far surpasses that of the original cars and even takes modern standards a bit further. To wit: Check out the body panel gaps—they're so slim as to nearly disappear.

No Stingray is complete without its bumpers, and KKC craftsmanship shines here as well. Its bumpers are all steel, but thanks to modern manufacturing, they have a consistent fit and flawless triple-chrome-plated finish. Even the hood inlays and grilles are hand- fabricated from billet aluminum.

As you would expect from a bespoke Corvette, the paint possibilities are endless. Whether you lust after timeless Sebring Silver, modern Jetstream Blue, or something wild from the Kustom "katalog," KKC will make it happened. All finishes consist of hand-sanded basecoat/clearcoat systems and are applied in the company's state-of-the-art paint facility.

The drivetrain and mechanical components remain factory General Motors (unless otherwise specified), so they retain OEM powertrain-warranty coverage and can be serviced by any GM dealer. Of course, safety and creature comforts are prime reasons for utilizing a C6 platform for a midyear conversion. Karl Kustom Corvettes retain full functionality of the supplemental restraint system and On-Start Safe & Sound. All modern conveniences to which you've grown accustomed remain present and functional, including the heads-up display, Bluetooth connectivity, a power-telescoping steering column, and the steering-wheel-mounted audio controls.

The standard conversion package retains the stock interior, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for it. Want midyear-style leather pleats? No problem. How about tuck and roll? Sure thing. You can select from factory-style leather to high-end hides and even exotic leathers. Again, no limitations.