If you've spent any time riding around in a midyear Corvette, you know that there are few cars, new or old, that attract so many gawkers and looky-loos. But if you've spent any time behind the wheel of one of these legends, you likely found that the novelty wore thin rather quickly. As much as enthusiasts love to glamorize the "good, old days," the fact remains that '60s cars—all of them—just don't measure up to their modern counterparts in practically any area.

The hordes of restomods around these days seem to indicate that while people are eager to keep the classic look of their cars, they are equally enthusiastic about improving the performance and day-to-day comfort. While retrofitting modern drivetrain and suspension components can totally transform a car, this is done at the owner's peril, as the uptight brand scolds will quickly label the result as "ruined" or even "worthless." And even if you don't care about others' opinions and already own a suitably nice driver, you can quickly eclipse the cost of a modern Corvette in upgrade components alone, while still falling far short of the new cars' performance and convenience.

So, if you've lusted after a classic look but crave new-car performance, you've been left in a tough spot. Until now, that is. Enter Karl Kustom Corvettes in Des Moines, Iowa, who will convert any '05-up Corvette into a stunning midyear custom C6 Stingray.

According to Jim Hidy, Karl Kustom's program director, "We're not here to reinvent the Corvette. Rather, our services are designed to bring the unique beauty of a classic Corvette to the incomparable performance and engineering of the latest generation of the car. [Editor's note: We spoke with Hidy before the C7 made its debut in January.] By crafting restyled body panels and grafting them onto a C6, you get the look without sacrificing performance, convenience, safety, or fuel economy."

Karl Kustom will incorporate literally any feature you could want, making each KKC a true one-of-a-kind. Initially, the KKC line of Corvettes included the '63 coupe, the '63 Z06 coupe, and the '67 roadster. Further development of the company's technologies and refinement of its processes have made it possible to expand these offerings to include just about any midyear look.

KKC now offers both coupe and roadster conversions for the standard C6 platform, Grand Sport, Z06, and even the much-ballyhooed ZR1. Any of these cars can be converted to a '63 split-window coupe or a '64-'67 coupe. C6 convertibles, meanwhile, can be converted to a '63-'67 roadster. Any of these conversions can also implement features found on midyear Z06 or Grand Sport coupes or roadsters, for a truly one-off car.