Tweaking The GT2 Corvette With the introduction of its new GT2 car, Corvette Racing has massaged the C6.R shape into a next-generation factory racer. With a careful reading of the ACO Le Mans regulations, the team designed the car to be as slippery as was legally allowed. The regulations for the GT2 class require that the tires be covered from the middle of the hubs up, as viewed from the rear of the car. And indeed, that is the way Corvette engineers designed the profile of the new car's fenders.

However, ACO officials now insist that they meant for the tires to be covered from mid-hub up when viewing each fender from the rear. This minor difference in interpretation left the rear aspect of the new C6.R's front tire showing a little more than the ACO would allow.

In the end, the disparity precipitated a change in the bodywork of the new Corvette race car. The team had to rivet a 10-inch form onto the bodywork, sticking out from the back of each front fender. These appendages will likely be maintained at least through the end of the current racing season.