About Autobahn Country Club
For those who equate "golf" with those pesky German compact cars that slow you up in the corners, the Autobahn Country Club is for you. Conceived by racing enthusiast Mark Basso and nestled on 350 acres in the countryside around Joliet, Illinois, Autobahn is a haven for serious drivers. There are two road courses-a 1.46-mile north circuit and a 2.1-mile south circuit-on the ground, and when linked together, they form the second-longest track in the United States.

Autobahn Country Club offers daily track time to members, racing schools, driver improvement schools, and more-and just like traditional country clubs, membership fees apply (starting at about $30,000 per year). There are condominiums on the grounds, too, for the truly dedicated. The track can also be rented by non-members. More information is available at www.autobahncountryclub.net.

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